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We're a professional concrete contractor providing all manner of concrete solutions in Cascade, Iowa and the surrounding areas. Are you looking for sidewalks, a patio, driveway, garage or basement floor, foundation walls, agricultural foundations, or just about ANYTHING concrete related? Give us a call, we're happy to provide you with the best value estimate in the area and the highest quality work when the job is done!

More About Us

We're a well established concrete contractor, fully insured and providing full service. We work with anyone; residential, commercial, agricultural we do it all. Serving the Eastern Iowa area we're happy to help your next project from start to finish. Moats concrete can do it all for you!

Our team is fantastic. We have detailed, professional, loyal employees with decades of combined concrete experience. Our goal is to provide top quality concrete work to go along with top notch customer service. Please, reach out today to discuss your needs, we would love to help!

Our Services

  • Residential, Ag, and Commercial Foundations
  • Walls and retaining walls
  • Concrete Patios
  • Sidewalks of all shapes and sizes
  • Garage, Basement, and Building Floors
  • Decorative Conrete
  • More ...

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Cascade, IA

Here at Moats Concrete we strive to provide not only the very best in concrete work but also the very best value and unbeatable customer satisfaction and service.